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wealthwhistleblower - Josh Daniel 1 week ago

Invest in the asset not the toys use the asset to lease the toys in your business or holding depending on the country your in you can write it off as a tax claim

jborstevy - Jerry Brink 1 week ago

I asked the owner of a company I used to work for,why didn't he just get rid of this "Conversion" van he drove to his company every day. He mentioned he was having a new engine/transmission installed and his wife (Who had a high post at a school district) drove an older Buick Regal.I told him,why not waste money on that van and buy a new car. He explained to me that day how to move ahead in life and how people make financial mistakes by trying to project an image of wealth while in fact they were going backwards.

nurse_nooch - Nooch 1 day ago

I have 221 dollars in my bank account and have no job. I need to make money doing whatever to buy a car so that I can get and keep a job so that I can make enough money to invest and also trade in my POS car for something more logistic.

julianjacksonroman - Julian 1 week ago

Big thing is here people, DO NOT get a brand new car just because you have the money, invest the money to get a reasonable car and still have a decent chunk of change to invest with and down the road you can get something far better. Instant gratification is NOT the key to wealth.

calvinmullen90 - Calvin Mullen New 1 week ago

Don't buy a car outright at all, it devalues by 1/4 as soon as its purchased. PCP it take one for 2 years then give it back repeat so forth and so on. The payments will be cheaper than the devalue side.