Gilbert is so good at taking his medicine - hopefully in no time his stomach will be puuurfect again 😍😍 #bengal . . . . . #kitten #anımal #instacat #ねこ #ねこ部 #catlover #냥스타그램 #ねこすたぐらむ #cat #catlife #cats_of_instagram #9gag #meow #weeklyfluff #gato #chat #katze #neko #birman @meowed @missenell missenell Nelly & Gilbert The Cats

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queallyrn - Jennifer Queally 1 week ago

What a good boy. I’m a nurse and my patients don’t take their medicine as good a Gilbert😊😊

talula.n.timone - Talula & Timone 1 week ago

What a good boy! Our bengal turns into a kangaroo when he gets medicine. You have to get out of the way! Just boings all around the house at top speed 6 feet in the air!!!😹

snowykitty_andfriends - Snow Leopard 1 week ago

Poor, sweet baby! We hope you feel better soon. Cosette had tummy problems and it was discovered she is allergic to beef! Which, coincidentally is the base component in Forta Flora, a probiotic she was on for her issues!

jessicarabbitnyc - Jessicarabbitnyc 1 week ago

I have had the pleasure of being a mom to 3 Bengals. I see he’s taking Benebac. I can offer some advise if you need.... I spent $$$$ at the vet before I realized Bengals have EXTREMELY sensitive GI systems. They have many allergies.