@caelynnmillerkeyes and the randolph family! With @cassierandolph and @landonrandolph . They are tunin in for the FINALÉ of the bachelor tonight! Are you!!! 🌹🌹🌹Comment below! Lets hear what you, Bachelor Nation, is excited about for the finalé!!!!🌹🌹🌹🌹 @coltonunderwood @abcnetwork @bachelorabc @bachelornationspoilers @bachelorinparadise @bachelorusa @thebacheloretteabc @bachelorinsider #love #cute #family #bestfriends #bff #cassie #caelynn #bachelor #thebachelor #thebachelorette #bacheloretteabc #bachelorabc #abcnetwork #finalé @bachelornationabc bachelornationabc BachelorNationABC

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sswazay001 - stephanie 2 months ago

@ju_the08 you truly do not know how you would feel unless in that situation. She was falling for him but wasnt ready to say I love you yet. She tried leaving bc she wasnt sure what she wanted. She knew other girls were ready and she wasnt ready for engagement. But when you fall for someone so quickly, its hard to say If youd want to get engaged after 8 or 9 weeks. Whatever it is. Its like 2 months or so. She did sign up, but shes a real person with real feelings. Put yourself in that situation that's all I am saying. @cassierandolph fell for him but wasny necessarily in love yet and thats atleast good she was honest. I am still pulling for her and him and hope they last!!! I am glad he didnt continue with the other girls just because she tried walking away. @coltonunderwood was a real man for not picking one of the other ladies just because he was turned down by the other.

kris.m.davis - Kris Miller Davis 2 months ago

Once a girl told Colton she loved him he was quick to get her off the show and now he’s picked the one girl who does not want him. Maybe Colton’s really not ready.

sydsnees - sydsnees 2 months ago

Cassie 🤨 I don't really understand people going on this show if they don't want to be the one at the end. Everyone who left by their own choice is whack and sucks.

judymiller742 - Judy Miller 2 months ago

That’s what the show is all about why go if you’re scared to be in a relationship. Duh. Hope that Caelynn is not the bachelorette because I will not watch it